Angol mondatok az őszről szótanuló kártya készítéshez

- Fall/autumn is the season between summer and winter.
- Some trees change color in the fall/autumn.
- In some places the weather becomes cooler in the fall/autumn.
- Leaves fall from some trees in the fall/autumn.
- Oktoberfest, Labor Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving are some fall/autumn holidays.
- Scarfs and sweaters may be needed in the fall/autumn.
- Pumpkins and apples can be harvested in the fall/autumn.
- In fall/autumn, the sun rises later in the day and sets earlier than in the summer.
- Frost may appear at night or in the mornings and we may be able to see our breath.
- There are usually more rainy and cloudy days than in summer.
- The soil gets harder in the fall/autumn.
- Some trees remain green and are called evergreens.
- Some birds and butterflies fly south where they can find food more easily.
- Some animals grow thicker fur to keep them warm.
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