The Needs of a Plant

Plant needs

    Plant needs air, soil, water, light, and space to grow.Plants are organisms that grow and reproduce their own kind. The need for, air, soil, water, light, and space to grow.
    Plant needs soil.
    Plants need soil. Water and minerals are taken from the soil through roots. Soil also provides support for the plant and an anchor for the roots to grow in. Decaying plants and animals leave behind minerals in the soil that are essential for future plant growth.
      Plant needs sunlight.
    Plants need sunlight in order to grow properly. They use light energy to change the materials - carbon dioxide and water into food substances (sugars). This process of food productions is called photosynthesis. Only in light can a green plant make food. 
      Plants most also have clean air. Green plants take in carbon dioxide from air and use it during photosynthesis to make food. Dirty, smoggy air blocks sunlight that plants must have.
        Plant needs water.
      Plants need water. Water is essential to all life on earth. No known organism can exist without water. Plants use water to carry moisture and nutrients from the roots to he leaves and food from the leaves back down to the roots.
      Plant needs food, water, and space.Plants must also have space in order to grow. Plants are found everywhere - deserts, mountains, arctic regions, forests, jungles, oceans, and even in cracks of sidewalks of busy cities. If the space is small, the plants will be small and stunted. Big plants need big spaces for their roots and branches.

    For a plant to stay alive (echo)
    It needs 5 things- I would not lie (echo)
    It needs water so it can grow (echo)
    And it needs soil- just like so (echo)
    Plants needs space- they can't be tight (echo)
    The sun helps plants by giving light (echo)
    Don't forget to give plants air (echo)
    Repeat the needs if you dare (echo)

    NEED 1- Water!
    NEED 2- Soil!
    NEED 3- Space!
    NEED 4- Light!
    NEED 5- Air!

    A PLANT!!!!!!
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