Dream Job - Mi leszel, ha nagy leszel?

Benji's Dream Job: Do you ever wonder what you'll be when you grow up? I do! There are so many different things people do. Some fly into space as astronauts, while others work with the police to catch bad people. From singers and dancers to chefs and teachers, everyone has a dream job. If you want to know what my dream job is, turn the pages and find out!
My Dream Job:
Doctor: - I want to be a doctor because doctors can save people. Doctors are clever. They work in hospitals. I can take care of people’s health.
- I want to be a doctor because I think doctors are very great. Doctors work for patients. They help patients recover. They are careful, nice, brave, patient and cheerful. Patients love doctors very much. So, I want to be a doctor when I grow up!

I'm a Helpful Doctor
Sing to: "I'm a little teapot"
I'm a helpful doctor, Dressed in white,
I help people feel better, Day and night.
When you get hurt or sick,
Come see me.
I'll get you all fixed up, Just as quick as can be.

Policeman: My dream job is policeman. Policemen wear blue hats and uniforms. They work in the police stations. They can catch theives and save our lives bravely. I want to be a policeman because they are smart and strong. They are brave too. 

I'm a Police Officer 
Sing to: "I'm a little Teapot"
I'm a police officer

With my star,
I help people Near and far.
If you have a problem,
Call on me, And I will be there
One, two, three!

Teacher: I want to be a teacher. Teachers work for schools.They are clever, patient and nice. Teachers teach students and tell stories in classrooms. They work from Monday to Sunday.
I like studying, so I want to be a teacher when I grow up!

Singer: I want to be a singer because I often listen to the songs at home. I can sing for everybody. I am beautiful and I have the wisdom. So, I want to be a singer when I grow up!

Astronaut: What fun it would be to fly into space!

I'd like to be an Astronaut
Sing to: "Skip to my Lou"

I'll like to be an astronaut, flying in space.
I'll like to be an astronaut, flying in space.
I'll like to be an astronaut, flying in space.
Flying in a shuttle.


My Dream Job:
  1. I want to be a:
  2. I want to have this job because...
  3. I need to wear:
  4. I need these special clothes because...
  5. This is what I will do all day, when I have this job:
  6. This job is important because...

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