Készítsünk pizzát - Pizza Lesson Plan

I am a Pizza

I am a pizza,

With extra cheese
From tomatoes
Sauce is squeezed
Onions and mushrooms
I am a pizza, 
ready to go  
I am a pizza
No anchovies
Or phony bologna  
I am a pizza
Order by phone  
I am a pizza, please take me home
I am a pizza  
Peppers on top  
Out of the oven 
Into the box 
Into the car and
Upside down
I am a pizza, 
dropped on the ground  
I was a pizza  
I was the best 
I was a pizza
Now I’m a mess!

- This is an excellent echo song and very easy to sing. Divide the group in two
with one group leading while the other group echoes. One child may want to be
the leader.
- Use a felt board with the pizza shape and add different toppings. Using a pizza
box with a felt pizza inside, act out the song.
- The children can draw pizzas, putting on the toppings that they like. Change
the words of the song to suit their toppings. “ I am a Pizza...with lots of olives,
some feta cheese”
- Make pizzas in class so that the children truly become a Pizza. (We are what
we eat!)
- Discuss what foods we need to make a pizza - flour, tomatoes, onions, green

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